Interior Design

Art déco style in interiors

Interiors full of elegance and artistic imaginativeness, equipped with stylized furniture and maximum quality accessories – art déco is not only a style of interior design, but above all a trend in architecture and art that has been delighting with its chic for decades, also in residential interiors.

It all began in France in the interwar period, when the art dominated by disorder and a lack of discipline was revolted by the art déco trend. Its main aim was to oppose excesses, exaggerated ornaments and randomness. Thus, architects began to create according to functionality, geometry and modernity. At that time it was a breath of fresh air, an impressive combination of often unobvious and futuristic forms with classical ones. This style focuses primarily on furniture and elegant accessories made of materials of outstanding quality.

What characterizes art déco style?

Art déco style forces the interior designer to pay great attention to detail. Every detail counts – from furniture and flooring to lamps, handles or accessories. At the same time, the whole thing must be coherent and uniform. Art déco puts a beautiful look and functionality on an equal footing, thanks to which interiors maintained in this aesthetics have a climatic decor and are willing to stay there. What matters most in this style is the detail – focus on the smallest details.

All the equipment is distinguished by its geometric line. Rectangles, squares and circles, sharp-edged or rounded and rounded furniture, as well as arches – all this gives the interior a unique symmetry. Table tops made of noble materials, massive desks, spacious armchairs and comfortable seats create a very luxurious and above average space.

Especially since art déco relies on exclusive materials such as marble, wooden veneers and gold. No wonder that initially it was a style dedicated to the richest. However, the popularity and interest in furniture and accessories in this edition caused that they started to be produced on a larger scale.

Assumptions of the art déco style

Art déco is a nod to a detail that should be perfected. There is no question of shortcomings, flaws or imperfections. All decorations in furniture, mirrors, lampshades and even the smallest cup are small masterpieces. Strong ornaments on wallpaper and fabrics that complement the whole arrangement are noticeable. Thanks to the fact that each element is so meticulously worked out and selected with care, the whole interior delights with its elegance and luxury.

Art déco can be confused with glamour style, but in this case it is not about glamour or prestige, but about avant-garde and unobvious solutions. No one will be surprised by the crystal chandelier in the bathroom or the exclusive combination of black and gold in everyday objects.

Art déco furniture – what do they stand out?

Furniture is a strong accent of the art déco style, because it was with it that the Art Nouveau revolution in interior design began. First of all, you can see a great love for antiques, which decorate the room, but also a tribute to history. Quilted, massive sofas, coffee tables on ornamental legs, beds with stately headrests or backrests, large armchairs with large backrests – all these strongly define the style and create the atmosphere of the art déco interior. At the same time, we must not forget that the furniture is intended for everyday use.

What materials for the interior of art déco?

The entire interior design must be based on noble and natural materials. In the case of furniture, it is hard wood, veneered walnut, often with original grain. In the case of fabrics, velvet or silk is used. A popular stone is marble and alabaster – we can find it in bathrooms, on floors, walls, table tops and washbasins. In addition, crystal in the form of chandeliers, vases and decorations. Luxury is to be reflected not only in form, but consistently in every aspect.

Interior colouring art déco

We already know that in art déco rooms, every detail matters. The same goes for the colours used. The most visible are elegant and luxurious black and timeless white. Black and white floors, white and black marble, mosaics in the bathroom are combined with gold finishes. In the art déco style you will also find deep navy blue, burgundy and bottle green – all on walls, furniture and fabrics. This colouring additionally introduces an atmosphere of luxury and mystery.

Art déco in specific interiors

Art déco style cannot be applied in just one room, it consistently has to be found in the living room, bedroom and bathroom. Fortunately, it fits perfectly into each of these interiors. In the living room the most important role is played by furniture – a quilted sofa with armchairs, a massive table on an impressive carpet and large, expressive lamps. In the dining area, on the other hand, there must be a wooden table and chairs with a characteristic wheel-shaped handle.

In the bedroom, next to a large bed with a headrest, there should be a stylish dressing table with a luxurious armchair. The bathroom in the art déco apartment is a living room with a mosaic on the floor and walls, golden towel holders, a marble sink and a large, beautiful mirror. The entire home space should be complemented with high quality fabrics – blankets, bedspreads and pillows and original lighting.