About Miriam M.

Miriam M

Miriam M.

Co-Founder of Best Hardware Supply

Miriam is the dynamic co-founder of Best Hardware Supply, recognized for her strategic vision and exceptional leadership in the hardware sector.

Outside the office, Miriam is a passionate advocate for sustainable building practices. She regularly participates in workshops and panels discussing the integration of eco-friendly materials and technologies into modern construction. Her commitment to sustainability not only influences the company’s product lines but also inspires her team and customers to consider environmentally responsible choices.

Her professional path in the hardware industry began with her role as a supply chain analyst, where she developed a keen understanding of logistics and the importance of robust supplier relationships.


  • Pioneered the introduction of sustainable and eco-friendly hardware products, significantly influencing market trends towards sustainability.
  • Spearheaded strategic partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure product quality and ethical sourcing practices.
  • Recognized as an influential leader in local business networks, frequently mentoring young entrepreneurs and participating in community development initiatives.


  • Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Best Hardware Supply: Oversees operations, manages supplier relations, and leads the company’s strategic planning and sustainability initiatives.
  • Supply Chain Analyst (5 years): Optimized supply chains for high efficiency and cost-effectiveness, laying the groundwork for her future entrepreneurial endeavors.


  • Master of Business Administration with a focus on Supply Chain Management from the University of Michigan. This advanced education has provided Miriam with a solid foundation in business operations and strategic decision-making.


Miriam’s blend of business acumen and dedication to sustainability makes her a pivotal force at Best Hardware Supply, continually driving the company towards innovation and responsible practices in the competitive hardware market.

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