Basic mistakes made during renovation

It is said that renovation is a test for the relationship, it never ends on time and always costs more than we planned. Everyone has experienced the whole repertoire of emotions connected with it. From euphoria at the beginning, through catastrophe in the course, to a happy ending.

In some people, the very word “renovation” triggers defensive reactions. It can be much more troublesome than furnishing an apartment, but you can get used to it, you just need to know how. First of all, it is worth to be aware of the three most common mistakes that people make when they decide to renovate a flat.

1.) Choosing unproven professionals

A common mistake is to send a request to only one repair team. Instead, we should contact at least a few professionals, receive various offers from them to be able to compare them. Why is this so important? Because in the case of different teams the range of prices can be very divergent.

It is worthwhile to make a quote with a few executives. Never decide on the first team we have contacted. This rule applies even if the team is on recommendation, friends have praised it and the family has ensured high quality and timely work. Always check the price with your competitors.

How to choose the right professional?

Already at the first contact, pay attention to good or bad signs. Does the professional answer our questions? Does he assume in advance that something cannot be done? Does he answer the phone, and if not, does he call back? Do we have to remind ourselves when receiving an offer? These seemingly simple things show what future cooperation will look like. It is also an ideal opportunity to think about who we really need – the whole team or individual performers?

2.) No contract drawn up

Even if we choose a great team, let’s remember one thing – a word in words, but only what is written on paper has binding force. In other words, it is worth to write a contract with a contractor. What should be included in such a contract?

The three most important points that cannot be forgotten are:

  • Scope of work

Thanks to the described scope of work the contractor has clearly defined tasks during the renovation. Thanks to this, not only will we have confirmation of the amount of work that should be done. In the contract, the contractor receives a picture of the whole, which, as a professional, will be able to put in order, additionally plan supplies of materials and define the tasks of all members of the team. Well organized work saves time, money and of course our nerves.

  • Schedule

The contract should also include a schedule, i.e. the date of commencement and completion of repair works. It is worth to write down the additional period, i.e. the time reserve, if unplanned works appear. In an ideal world, the renovation should end as planned, but always something unexpected and independent, both from the contractor and from ourselves, can happen. By the way, it is worthwhile to include in the contract the consequences of exceeding the deadline for completion of the works.

  • Remuneration

As far as remuneration is concerned, we determine it based on the scope of work. This shows how important the first point is. Let’s avoid situations in which we do not have a specific remuneration and the contractor says: “We’ll agree on the price.” We may be surprised when the team finally gives us a bill. It is best to pay in tranches depending on the progress of work. We never pay in advance. We risk that the work will not be completed on time or will not start at all.

3. No planned budget

The third mistake we usually make during renovation is the lack of planned budget. The budget is the basis if we don’t want to spend twice as much as we expected. A cost estimate is necessary, regardless of what we are renovating – the kitchen, living room or bathroom.

How to make a budget?

All we need is a simple spreadsheet, in which we will write down the scope of work, as well as equipment and decorations. We can divide the budget into rooms and write down the price of literally every necessary thing. As far as the part related to the execution works is concerned, it is worth to treat them as a whole, i.e. write down how much the electric crew will cost us in total, and how much a plumber or tiler.

These are the three most common mistakes made during the renovation. It is always worthwhile to send inquiries to several contractors, write down the contract exactly and plan the budget. Appropriate approach to these issues will help us to prepare properly for the renovation.