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Lighting is an integral part of every room. The central lamp, which provides a well lit interior, a functional wall lamp or spot lamps not only have a practical function, but also a decorative one. Well-chosen lighting in the living room builds a climate, allows you to relax and take care of your eyesight. Which lamps to choose for your living room?

The living room is a place where the family spends most of their time – watching TV, having fun together, meeting friends. The living room is used for both entertainment and rest. This is where you will find a reading corner, a comfortable sofa with a coffee table, and often a dining area. It is popular to connect the living room with the kitchenette, which optically enlarges the whole interior.

Types of lighting in the living room

We have a wide range of lamps, sconces and lamps to choose from. In each room the most important is the top lighting, the so-called central lighting. Most often it is a lamp with a spectacular lampshade of the size depending on, among others, the surface of the living room. It can be a hanging model or a platform fixed to the ceiling.

They are ideal for example over a couch, TV set and in places that we want to accentuate with light – in recesses, over a picture, sculpture or photo gallery. Then we have all kinds of smaller lamps – floor and table lamps. They can illuminate the armchair where we read books or stand next to the couch. The lamps perfectly decorate chests of drawers, window sills or even a table.

An important issue is the colour of the light – it is best to choose a warm colour, which does not strain tired eyes. It will additionally introduce a cosy atmosphere into the living room, where it will be pleasant to spend evenings.

How to light up the living room with a kitchenette?

A living room with a kitchenette is usually a spacious room that requires adequate lighting. In this case, the lamps also help to separate the interiors, so they should be different. Both the room and the kitchen area will need central lighting.

In addition, in the kitchen, let’s put on spot lighting over an island or a table, while in the living room, a lamp next to the TV set will be necessary to eliminate its light and a point of light next to the couch. In the large interior we can use a LED lamp on the chest of drawers or tables as additional lighting.

Lighting of the living room with small dimensions

In apartments, the living room is often small, so it needs good lighting all the more. The central lamp should be the size of the living room, so as not to overwhelm the interior. Additionally, let’s put on one or two small lamps that illuminate particular places in the room – an armchair or a couch. In a smaller room we usually use few pieces of furniture, so it is worth to use the wall and install wall sconces which will serve as an additional source of light or be an alternative to ceiling lighting.

Lighting for the living room and interior design

Lamps are usually chosen in accordance with the whole interior design, so that the whole creates a coherent arrangement. Depending on the colour or style, it is worth choosing such lighting that will not only serve as a source of light, but also a decorative function. In modern interiors it is worth to bet on metal or glass lamps – in natural colour or painted in different shades. In the case of living room decoration in a hygge climate, let us bet on warm wood and natural fabrics.

If the arrangement is elegant, the lighting should be adjusted to it. A chandelier made of crystals or a magnificent velour lampshade will be a hit in this case. You should also pay attention to the colours. In rooms decorated in a minimalist style, let’s focus on natural shades or grays, but in a modern interior we can choose a lamp in an intense color and original design.

Modern living room lighting

On the market you will find a wide range of lamps with a modern, interesting form. Products made of metal, wood, plastic or concrete will fit perfectly into the interior decorated in a modern, designer style. The original solution will be hanging lamps with lampshades in the form of hanging feathers or oblong mirrors. The lamps in strong, intensive colours will also look great in such an arrangement, creating an attractive decoration.

What lighting for a glamour living room?

In the case of an elegant, luxurious decor, it is worth to bet on impressive lamps in silver, gold or brass. Glamour styling is above all a lot of glamour and saturated colours. In such a living room you will find crystal lamps, mirrors or magnificent standing lamps with lampshades made of thick fabrics. Dark colours of the interior gently illuminated by the lamps will create a unique, mysterious atmosphere.